Subaru Grocery Getter, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

As in life, you can’t always trust what you see as being correct.  Take the case of Chad’s 2002 Subaru Impeza WRX, which pretty much looks like a standard WRX wagon model.  Well, as Chad explained there have been many significant modifications and upgrades to his car.  Now I might be wrong about the model year, as this car’s major changes are from other model years.  By the way, this embroidery machine reviews was at the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1 event.

The first thing Chad mentioned was that he had swapped out the original engine for what is called a JDM, a Japanese Domestic Motor – a 2.0 liter version.  These engines are supposed to be better built, with stricter tolerances & stronger parts.  He also had to reprogram the computer chip for 93 octane gas.  Apparently in Japan, they have much higher octane gas available.  The JDM motor would have run worse on the USA’s version of high test gasoline without the chip’s retuning.

Then Chad went out and had the suspension changed out for the parts and performance of an 2003 Subaru Sti model.  The tires and wheels are from a 2004 Subaru Sti model. It now has an S202 drivetrain, upgaded sway bars and adjustable camber settings.

One area of Chad’s car that didn’t seem modified was the interior, with the exception of a gauge or 2.  But it did look like it was very ready to get the job done.

Why the moniker “grocery getter”?  Well, that’s the term that the SPOKES color commentator person in the timing trailer used when talking about Chad’s car.  His car is SO much more than that!

Racing Ready enjoys discovering that some cars are not what they seem… Dan

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