Enthusiast’s Honda Civic(s) Evolution

Up until last year John was a died in the wool Subaru WRX Sti fan.  He had been autocrossing his car for a couple of years and had been really enjoying it.  Please visit As Seen on TV! for more specific details about John’s Subaru ride.

With the change in the economy looming starting to affect John’s possible economic future, John decided to divest of his Subaru investment and get back to the automobile roots of autocrossing.  He found a one owner late 80’s Honda Civic Hatchback locally that seemed to be a good candidate.  Eventually the price was right and John became its second owner.  He cleaned it up and entered it into a couple of late 2008 SASCA autocross events.  He said it was adequate to autocross, at 257K miles.  But being soft in the corners, he replaced most of the bushings.  John finally decided he wanted another vehicle that would be more aggressive and competitive.

So, deciding to make the Emerald Green Honda as his daily driver, enter the “imported” 1990 Honda Civic Si John found in Richmond, VA.  He flew up there & drove it back.  He said it was just a bit rough, but not that bad.  That was regarding both the trip & his “new” Civic find.

John brought his white Virginia Civic to the last 2008 SASCA Autocross event.  He explained that it was a work in progress.  Then this year he’s been to one SASCA Autocross & the first SPOKES Autocross event.  The car looks and is performing more better & more competitively.  Here are some recent pictures… click to enlarge.

And here are some more specific, detailed shots of of John’s “new” Civic.

Racing Ready, is also evolving… more as we progress forward!  Stay tuned…


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