Jason Returns for More: Truckcrossing, That Is

Last year I introduced the concept to Autocrossing Trucks (Truckcrossing) to Racing Ready. At the 2009 SASCA Autocross #2, I re-met Jason after a few months hiatus, along with his Toyota X-Runner, posted here.

Jason has made some minor aesthetic changes (returned the front headlights back to stock), and he is planning to change out the front grill in the future, as well. Of more important note were the mechanical & performance enhancements made since his last visit.

  • New stickier BFGoodrich G-Force T/A tires
  • Brake Performance rotors (slotted & dimpled)
  • TRD HP Brake Pads

Jason thinks his truck was better able to get more quickly set up for the corners & then stay planted through those same corners. As I recall, his tire & brakes modifications were a step in the right direction.

Racing Ready appreciates those competitors continuing to strive to improve their vehicle’s performance in competitive life.


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