Great NEW Autocross Venue for SPOKES!

It’s finally come to fruition – President Rick of SPOKES has convinced the town fathers of San Marcos, Texas.  The idea of having autocross events at their very capable Municipal Airport venue is a good thing!

This is the official announcement from the SPOKES website today:


The San Marcos City Council has approved our lease agreement with the San Marcos Airport!  This means that our event this Sunday is a definite go!  Andy Hollis has signed up to be Event Master for this very special first event at SMA and has promised a true Nationals-style course:  “fast, fun and very, very challenging.”  Do not miss out, registration is already open to all Spokes members.  Registration for non-members will open tomorrow morning and the event will be capped to 120 entrants total.  This is going to be a popular event, don’t expect to walk up Sunday and register, sign up now!As with any event at a new site, we expect everyone:  members, non-member, spectators, family, and friends to be on their very best behavior while on airport property.  We’ve worked very closely with Scott Gallagher, the airport general manager, and he deserves our thanks, make sure you let him know if you see him on Sunday.  Let’s work together to make sure that this turns out to be the best site for Spokes yet!

Here’s an article posted in the “San Marcos Record“, in anticipation of it happening.

Rick has been working on this since the end of last year & all the work will have been worth it.  In addition to being a smooth, concrete area to place an autocross course, there will be no street light poles to have to design a course around.  One other great side benefit is that those folks from Austin will have about 30 minutes less of drive time.  It will be about 15-20 minutes drive time for the San Antonio folks, but still worth it!

Here’s a Google map aerial view of the San Marcos Municipal airport:

As an aside, if you look to the left area of that image, you’ll see a road named Harris Hill.  Yup, just drive down & around that road – you will arrive at the Harris Hill Road venue that I’ve posted about here many times.  I might pop in to visit them when I’m up there as well…

Racing Ready looks forward to this new venue’s baptism next Sunday, March 8th!


P.S. – Here’s the beginning of the success of the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2!

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