Why Not Wager The Odds In Motorsports?

This past Friday night, my wife & I decided to do something different.  We attended racing of another sort – Horse Track Racing at Retama Park.  There was lot of wait for a short display of speed & finish line drama.  Then more waiting… to set up for the next race.

Then I got to thinking…  This sort of racing has a completely additional layer that is non-existent in motorsports – Pari-Mutuel Wagering (& no that’s not a typo – it comes from the French, meaning: “to wager amongst ourselves”).  But for simplicity’s sake, I’ll call it gambling!  Yes, betting on the horses for expected (or wished for) results of the race is considered normal, legal & expected.

I find it interesting & strange that this additional layer of entertainment is not available in the higher levels of motorsports, such as Formula 1, the Indy Racing League, and especially not in NASCAR.  I’m talking about that it is not available at the actual racing venue (at least not legally).  I guess it’s not legal… at least not outside of Las Vegas.

Now at the various “sports books” in Las Vegas (& other legal casinos) you are able to wager the odds of winning in different motorsports venues, but not elsewhere (at least not legally).  The Internet has offshore sportsbook betting available, too.  No, I’m not recommendation this, but simply making an observation of my curiosity.

Racing Ready is betting that this trend may change in the future – what do you think?


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