Driver’s Edge – My Teen Is Signed Up!

Last year I was denied the opportunity to have my younger daughter, Korina, participate in Driver’s Edge.  I had registered her, but life’s circumstances got in the way.  Well, this year we’ve been given a second chance.  This past weekend I received a reminder e-mail inviting me to register her in this Spring’s events in Houston, TX, on the weekend of April 4th-5th.

So, I’ve just finished signing her up for the Sunday morning session, April 5th.  That will mean leaving San Antonio before 5:00am, if not sooner – ouch.  I told her she’ll be able to sleep on the way there…Korina is not exactly enthused in participating, but I (& she) know it’s for her good.

Here’s further information to encourage you to get your teen involved:

What does a Driver’s Edge class consist of?

Upon arrival, participants are given a twenty question “pre-test” that allows us to collectively gauge their knowledge of driving before we begin the program.  Driver’s Edge starts in a classroom setting with an opening talk, program overview and introduction of the instructors.  Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on the talk, and preferably, stay for the remainder of the class.  Students are then placed in cars with professional race-car drivers (vehicles provided), where they will experience hands-on training.  Exercises include skid control, ABS braking, evasive lane changing and combating unexpected situations.

This is a well-timed & needed program!

Racing Ready is recommending you sign up your 15 to 21 year olds, before the spots run out.  Then the next 2 weekends they can participate in autocross events with both SASCA (4/12) & SPOKES (4/19)!


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