Pontiac G8 Sedan Test Drive Bribery

A few weeks ago I heard an interesting promotion on my local AM dial.  You were to go to this website, register, visit your local GM dealer to test drive a Buick, GMC or Pontiac model & you would qualify for a free pair of Justin Roper boots.  I wanted some boots, so I did it!

Sorry, but as the graphic shows the offer is over.  I just just got my free pair of boots certificate via FedEx earlier this week, will fill out the form, mail it & within 6 to 8 weeks, I’ll get my free boots.

Now my point is – Is General Motors desperate?

The Pontiac salesperson was courteous & only pushy to the point of trying to close something that day.  After 2 polite, “No, thank you’s” from me, we did the test drive – only 5 minutes long. 🙁  I was able to just begin to appreciate the power of the Pontiac (Australian Holden-based) G8 Sedan.  Then quickly back into the sales office, the salesman filled out the usual follow-up paperwork & eventually I got my code (& a brochure).  It took lees than 20 minutes.  I’d say that was worth it for a pair of $120 value boots.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get my sale… I wonder how many people this actually pulled in to get them to really buy something?  Based on the response from the salesman, NOT MANY!

Racing Ready will take advantage of any such offer – too bad General Motors did not know that these boots were made for walkin’…


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