New SPOKES Autocross Venue a Success!

This past Sunday’s 2009 SPOKES Autocross #2 was a great success!  The venue was very well attended, with 109 competitor/car combinations registered.

They ran the event in 3 consecutive heats with the grids formed in a chevron formation.  This arrangement of the grid worked very well for everybody.

It was mentioned that there were 3 kinds of concrete surfaces:

  • old & weathered
  • somewhat recent, and…
  • virgin (a lot of chalk-like dust was kicked up in the 1st heat)

The weather cooperated just fine. Although there was a brief threat of dark gray clouds, the sun reigned supreme.

Someone said, “This is a new day in the history of SPOKES!”

Racing Ready would really like to document more, tonight, but unfortunately time is of the essence… more as the week progresses.


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