BMW 128i, Back To Its Roots

I met Doug & his still new looking BMW 128i at the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2.  He has only 7000 miles on it.  This was his third autocross event, starting in the late summer of last year.  I do recall seeing his car at a SPOKES San Antonio Raceway event last year.

I was able to enjoy a ride-along with Doug.  The car’s handling was non-dramatic and well within many drivers’ abilities – a good car to maneuver.  And this is with everything completely stock.

The transmission is a 6-speed, but that means little to nothing in autocross.  The seats are very adjustable.  Here are some action shots…

Doug mentioned that his tires, Pirelli Eufori@ Run Flats, came stock, and actually work well for daily use & in competition.  He says they have worn well & do a good job in the handling department.  Again they have 7000 miles on them and they look absolutely fine.

Racing Ready is rooting for more competitors with these types of vehicles to get involved in autocross!


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