MAZDASPEED3 – The Radio Flyer

Todd brought his car & his sense of humor to the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2.  His vehicle of choice is now a red 2008 MAZDASPEED3, a fun daily driver and a competent track competitor.

I mentioned Todd’s sense of humor.  His previous car was a Subaru WRX STi.  When his friends found out that he was getting a new red wagon, they told him it was his “Radio Flyer”.  Thus, he turned the tables and thought he’d make light of the situation and actually put it on the side of his new car.

Todd says he’d like to paint his wheels white and add red center caps – then he could annoy his friends even more – that is, to make it look more like a Radio Flyer.  It’s interesting to note that he is enjoying his MAZASPEED 3 even more than a Subaru AWD product.

With all the twists and turns of this Andy Hollis-designed autocross course, this MAZDASPEED3 kept its composure quite well through the cones. Todd did just fine, as well.  This was only Todd’s second autocross with the “RadioFlyer”, but he’s been autocrossing for 2 & 1/2 years.

Todd’s car is completly stock.  His only addition is the GoPro Motorsports Hero video camera he has mounted on the front bumper.  Hopefully he will send me one of his videos that I would be able to include here… 🙂

Racing Ready enjoys the easy going sense of humor competitors like Todd bring to these events.


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