A Miata, Because I Always Wanted To Do This

Larry and his sponsor, er I mean, wife Joy really enjoyed the SPOKES 2009 AutoX #2. They were smiling & grinning from ear to ear everytime I saw them both.

They brought along Larry’s toy, a 1999 dark green Mazda Miata.  He said he was lucky enough to find this car at a CarMax last year.  He said the price was right & he went for it.  Currently it has only 65K miles – that’s nice & very low!

Larry, who still runs as a novice, has left the car stock.  He has simply added a chrome tip to the exhaust.  Why mess with perfection?

This is Larry’s & Joy’s third autocross – it just keeps getting better for them.  They were inspired by attending a SPOKES event last year as spectators.  A friend, Eric, inspired him further to come along later as a competitor.

As an aside, Eric is the driver/owner of a nice, blue Maxda RX-8 he has for sale…

I really enjoyed Larry’s & Joy’s shared enthusiasm.  More couples ought to participate in these events!

The couple/family that races together, stays together.  And you can quote Racing Ready on that!


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