SASCA 2009 Auto-X #3, With Rain?

This coming Sunday will be the March edition of the of the SASCA Autocross season.  This will be event #3.

Because of the change in weather I was hopeful for competition in inclement weather.  So far, all of the autocrosses I have attended have been in fair weather.  Sometimes it was a bit cool, but mostly they’ve been HOT!  But in no case has there been any rain.  This week we have had consistent rain showers with cold winter Texas weather.  But this coming Sunday is forcasted to dawn sunny and warmer – so they say… 
UPDATE:  It’ll be a bit chilly with a fair chance (30%) of rain!  WooHoo!!!

Here’s a course map for the event.

One item of change & improvement for SASCA is the online system for autocross competition registration.  This is the same software that the SPOKES folks have been using for some time, noe.  It is AXWare.  They are also the company used for tracking the the timing & scoring on the autocrosses

AXWare was developed & owned by Vitek, an enthusiastic SPOKES member & avid autocrosser.  This registration system is well-regarded by many autocross and other motorsports club organizations.  Visit their site to learn more…

Racing Ready challenges you to compete, regardless of weather conditions.


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