Weather Challenged 2009 SASCA Auto-X #3

It was still raining as this autocross day dawned.  By the time I arrived at the AT&T Center parking lot, it was cloudy & cold, but no longer raining.  The lot was very wet with a few puddles.  During the event the surface constantly improved as the air temperature warmed up & the surface slowy dried out.

I went on a few ride-alongs to check out the course & hear the different competitors points of view as to how they handled the changing surface traction.

Also, the lot had a couple of very different & unexpected obstacles – a pair of WWE (WRESTLEMANIA) tractor trailers.  Apparently there were leftover from some event at the AT&T Center.  They moved out later.

This was was a well-attended event, with at least 73 competitors signed up, many of them novices.  We were discussing at lunch that even though it was cold & raining this morning this is the best turnout for a SASCA autocross event, this year.

Racing Ready got a chance to experience some inclement weather combined with autocrossing.  We’ll see if there’ll be more, later this season.


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