Another 10th Anniversary Miata in Autocross

Chris is the happy owner of a 1999 Mazda Miata 10th Anniversary Limited Edition, #2079.  I saw him & his car yesterday at the 2009 SASCA #3 Auto-X & last week at the 2009 SPOKES #2 Auto-X.  He registered as a Novice as yesterday was his 2nd autocross this year.  He hasn’t autocrossed since the mid 90’s or so (like me before last fall!).

Chris likes autocrossing, but he much prefers participating in HPDEs (High Performance Driver’s Education) events.  This is where I first saw his car for the first time at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  This was last fall.

Unlike Diane’s 10th Anniversary 1999 Miata, which has the hard top (in blue), Chris’ edition has a very nice blue convertible top.

These are a variety of images of Chris’ Miata at last week’s SPOKES autocross – this was the first event at the San Marcos Airport.

Chris goes through the ownership of cars on a much more regular basis than most of us.  As a matter of fact, this car is for sale.  This car has 88K miles and Chris has invested a few thousand in it to make it more fun, but not way beyond stock.  Here’s a picture of the ‘For Sale’ sign on his Miata’s trunk.  He’s asking $10K…

Another reason for Chris participating in these events is to qualify for the Mazda “S” Program.  Participate in 2 racing events within 1 year (autocross is included) and you qualify!  GO Chris!!!

Racing Ready wants to qualify for this program in the future.


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