Irish Motorsports – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I realize that most of you will be reading this after this year’s passing of St. Patrick’s Day.  I came across this website late last night and found it worth sharing.  Motorsport Ireland shows the extent of motorsport enthusiasm on the Emerald Isle.  I had NO idea…

Here’s their description of what they’re all about:

Who Are We?

Some Information About Motorsport Ireland:

Motorsport Ireland (MI) is the National Governing Body for four-wheeled motorsport in Ireland. MI is affiliated to the supreme authority for world motorsport, which is the “Federation Internationale de l’Automobile” (FIA) based in Geneva and Paris. The FIA recognises in each of its affiliated countries, one sole authority that holds the sporting power and in Ireland it recognises MI as that authority.

Motorsport Ireland’s jurisdiction covers the 26 counties and has under its umbrella 34 affiliated motor clubs that are the actual organisers of all sporting events. In each year there are approximately 230 events listed in the official calendar and these cover 11 different branches of the sport.  Every person wishing to compete in one of these motorsport events must be the holder of a Competition Licence issued by MI or by another national governing body affiliated to the FIA. On average, each year MI issues over 4,000 Competition Licences to motorsport competitors all over Ireland.

It was interesting to read the variety of motorsports available.  They do a good job of the various descriptions.  There are quite a few different types of competition that don’t seem to exist in the USA.  Also,  quite a bit of the competition takes place on grass and/or gravel, more than on asphalt.

Racing Ready is green with envy as to the variety and local support of Irish motorsports.  It gives me further impetus to visit the homeland of some of my ancestors!


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