Mustang FR500S – Barbasol Cross Promotion

Some months back I was reading in my AutoWeek magazine that they were not impressed by a Barbasol product that had the image of a Ford Mustang FR500S on it.  I was a bit intrigued…

A few weeks later found me in my local grocery store needing to replace my shaving cream supply.  I spotted the Mustang FR500S labeled Barbasol can, read about how they are promoting the Ford Mustang Racing Challenge in the Miller Cup & I decided I would support their endwavour.

It is soon time to purchase another can of shave cream.  I hope I can find another can with the same Mustang FR500S on it.  It kind of helps to inspire me in the mornings.  If not, I think I will continue with their product anyway.  It works just fine & also has the added benefir of being inexpensve.

Here is part of  their press release with some painful puns:

Ford Racing teams up with Barbasol Shaving Cream for unique Mustange Challenge Promotion.

DEARBORN, Mich., July 23, 2008 – When the concept for the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup was devised, it was a given that the series would produce razor-close racing in new Mustang FR500S units.  The real challenge was how to deliver a unique, cutting-edge approach for the launch and promotion of a new racing entity in today’s crowded market place.

Taking some of the new series’ attributes to heart, Ford Racing and Miller Motorsports Park began discussions with Dublin, Ohio-based Barbasol Shaving Cream about a retail-oriented, shelf-level promotion that would incorporate Barbasol’s famed red and white barber pole can and create awareness and an identity for the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge.

The resulting partnership between the iconic American brands of Ford Mustang and Barbasol Shaving Cream emblazoned 2 million cans of Barbasol Original Shave Cream for summer distribution with an image of the Mustang FR500S, the Ford Racing logo and the Mustang Challenge series logo and schedule.

Each can of Barbasol provides about three months worth of shaving cream, delivering a Ford Mustang Challenge-branded promotional message to each customer conservatively 100 times during its use.  Overall, the program’s product promotion should generate more than 200 million impressions.

That news has some people worked into a lather.  Oh bother…

It is interesting that a negative review of a cross promotional racing / personal hygiene product has made me a regular user of a product not considered before.

Racing Ready would like to be considered for some cross-promotional opportunities!


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