Autocross Shakedown for Texas Mini Stocker

Two autocross enthusiasts, Jeremi & Trece, whose autocross activities I’ve profiled here, had a new vehicle.  This was at the Weather Challenged 2009 SASCA Auto-X #3.  They brought this new (to them) vehicle to put it through its paces.  They wanted to makes sure it worked okay & to get a feel for it’s handling.  With the change in weather, from wet to dry, they got a good review of what this car could do.

You see, this little car is a 1997 Hyundai Accent GT (which only cost $200, as was).  It is being prepped for competition in the Texas Mini Stock Series.  These are compact/subcompact, front wheel drive cars that are meant to compete on short track ovals.  They are setting this up to run at Thunderhill Raceway.  The way they promoting them is with this tagline:

“This class is an affordable, claimer class.
This class does not have race cars, it has cars to race!”

As per the rules, this car is stripped out, but the drivetrain is completely stock(105 HP !), and retains the stock dash.

They have stripped out all the remaining interior, with the acception of the driver’s & passenger seats.  They do plan to replace those with a single racing seat, a 4-point roll cage, and racing harness.

On the hood Jeremi has emblazoned the name InViZion, meaning, “In God’s House”.

Both Jeremi & Trece were having a good, fun time with their Accent GT.  They were please at how well the car handled & look forward to finishing the modifications necessary to be fully Mini Stock ready.

Racing Ready enjoys the genuine enthusiasm displayed by both Jeremi & Trece.  They are competitors who enjoy the challenge, but don’t lose sight of the fun!


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