Justin Boots Bailout by General Motors

This posting is somewhat off topic.  But it IS a follow-up to my Pontiac G8 Sedan Test Drive Bribery post from 3 weeks ago…

As you may recall, I was incentivized to do a Pontiac test drive in exchange for some free Justin boots.  I took up the offer, registered on the Internet, visited my local Pontiac dealer & did a “too short” test drive.  With the special code granted by the salesperson, I was able to complete the registration on the web.  I then received my free boots certificate by FedEx.

Per Justin Boots, I was advised it would be best to visit a local Justin Boots retailer to make sure of my boot size – they say boot sizes can be different than your regular shoe size.  I finally got around to sending the boots gift certificate in by snail mail only last Saturday.

It may seem like I had had to go through many steps, but I felt it worth it for the retail value of $120.  Just yesterday I received my boots already – SO quickly!

The boots were just as advertised.  I started to break them in last night – my first pair of real Texas boots, albeit the basic model.  That works just fine for me.  I’m happy & GM got somebody to experience their awesome Pontiac GE sedan model.

Racing Ready is now ready to strut its stuff!


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