Mazda RX-7 Autocrossing With a 20B Motor

Here’s another vehicle I wasn’t able to learn very much about – Beth’s 3rd generation Mazda RX-7 with a 20B motor (that’s 3 rotors, folks!).

Beth felt more secure driving fast, than talking to me about her car.  She mentioned that I could find all sort of specific details of her Mazda at:, under “Strelnick’s car”.  Sorry Beth, that site doesn’t compute…
My bad – as corrected from the helpful comment below from Dan, the website is:

Apparently this is a championship winning car that Erik has enjoyed.  Unfortunately he was not able to accompany Beth at this SPOKES autocross event.

This is a dramatic car.  I think Beth drove it to this event.  It almost doesn’t look street legal, but I’m sure it is.

The Hoosier tire & wheel combo…they seemed to do the grip & stick job just fine.

The graphics on this car are interesting & I’m sure they have many stories.  Hopefully I can hook up with Erik and get more information at future event.

It was thrilling to watch Beth fly through the course.  That 3 rotor, 20B engine sang very sweetly under her control.

Racing Ready strives to give you all the facts, or at least verifiable researched Internet links for your learning & enjoyment pleasure.  Sometimes, though, without complete success…


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