Musings About A Second Car Replacement

This is a future pondering post – another one of those “What if” musings…

If you’ve already been reading here for some time, you know I’m planning on replacing my ‘Big White Whale‘ (2000 Nissan Maxima SE, 5-speed) with a Mazda Miata, hopefully by the end of this year.  Besides saving up for this vehicle change, the other issue I will have is going from a roomy 4 door sedan, to a nice, but snug, sporty coupe – no room!

So, we would need to use my wife’s car for shopping, other errands & outings.  Her current car is also a 4-door sedan, but not as roomy or nice as my Maxima.  So…it would be best to get a better (& newer) 4-door, possibly a crossover or wagon.  It has to be an automatic.  Isa can drive a standard just fine (see my Awesome Racing Birthday Surprise), but she prefers not to have to shift.

Well, I’ve become impressed by the growing crop of DSG-style automatics out there by VW, Audi, Nissan, etc.  There are some good offerings within these manufacturers that would please my wife, my driving enthusiasm & our budget.  Here’s a couple of vehicles I’d seriously consider:

  • VW Jetta Sportback TDI w/DSG (yes, a diesel)

  • Audi A3 2.0 T SportBack w/S tronic™ (their DSG variant)

I spent some time on both the Volkswagen & Audi websites, configuring these cars, moving around option choices & so on.  Both were under $30K, with the VW only about $2500 less.  I was surprised!

I’m sure there may be other candidates out there.  What’s your informed opinion?

Racing Ready is all about informed choices…


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One thought on “Musings About A Second Car Replacement”

  1. Dan,
    Don’t underestimate the carrying capacity of the Miata! Off the top of my head I’ve carried 10′ 2×4’s, shovels, dogs, gas cans, multiple tacos, weed wacker, welders and associated equipment, jackhammers and the gas powered welder/generator.

    Groceries? I won’t divulge the shopping list but $150 of ‘normal’ groceries fit in the car just fine.

    Room for more than two people? No.

    My suggestion is to get the Miata and autox it. Sign up with Mazda Motorsports. Get an S-plan PIN and go buy a Mazda6, 3 or 5. Personally I think your wife would love a Mazdaspeed3 to tool around H2R in.

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