Bone Stock Accord Autocross Novice Has Fun!

I met Gabe, an enthusiastic autocross Novice, at the 2009 SASCA AutoX #3.  He was having his first time fun competing in his recent model Honda Accord.

Here is a great example of “run what ya’ brung”!  This goes to show you that anybody can bring any kind of car to autocross.  One of his friends, who is an online participant at the forum told him about this autocross & Gabe decided to check it out.

I’m sure Gabe will be back.  As to whether he’ll continue in his Accord, or a different vehicle, time will tell…glade to see you out there, regardless!

Gabe also brought along his significant other – I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying this experience, or not.  I sure hope so!

Racing Ready is pleased to see more new participants at autocross events.  So, go ahead, share this information with family & friends – we’ll see you out there.  And maybe you, too, will get your “15 minutes of fame” by being posted on this blog… 🙂


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