2008 Mitsubishi Evolution Autocrosses Hard

At the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2 I met Fred, the owner of a hot, blue, nicely modified 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (aka, the Evo X).

Like many, this was Fred’s first experience on a concrete surface with 3 different friction coefficients.

You can see a lot a good, additional horsepower modifications under the hood.

  • Engine is tuned with a Cobb Access Port
  • Front-mounted, upgraded intercooler
  • Intercooler pipes
  • Full turbo back Perrin system
  • 330 wheel HP / 340 foot pounds of wheel torque!

It not only looks & sounds good, it goes good, as well!

Here’s even more with the Evo X aggressive tire/wheel combo.  Fred says the tires are stock Advan A13C, but the rims are Advan RZs 18×9 +25 offset which is more aggressive then the stock +38 offset.  Also, he  mentioned that the car responds better in the autocross with the ASC (automatic skid control) turned off.

Just by looking at this car, you know it’s a serious performance machine.

As modified & prepared Fred’s car is, you can understand why he was frustrated that a vintage Volvo was still beating his times.  They are both in the SM vehicle class.  Here’s a shot of that nice, metallic sky blue Volvo through the Evo X’s open hood.

Racing Ready Is enjoys the irony of competition like this…


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