A Fun, Budget Miata

Benjamin had found a great deal in his new (to him) Miata.  I visited with him, asking about his 1993 Mazda Miata, at the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2.  I was strangely drawn to the variation of red on his car.

Apparently, the previous owner, a female, had driven it off the road into a ditch, through a barbed wire privacy fence.  She decided to get it repainted a sort of lipstick rose metallic color.  It’s different, but not bad…it has a strange shimmer in the sunlight.

This car has only 102K miles on it & it only cost Benjamin about $1200.  Not bad, at all.  It makes the different color that much less of an issue.

As you can see the interior is clean & well-maintained.  A very good buy & value for an “as is” purchase.  Benjamin said that he really hasn’t done very much in the way of maintenance.  But he has already been out to autocross – I recall seeing this Miata at a previous SASCA autocross this year, as well.

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2 thoughts on “A Fun, Budget Miata”

  1. BUDGET MIATA Dan still have my miata if you still report about autocross would like to speek with you. TEXAS BENJAM HIT ME UP ON EMAIL THANK YOU

  2. Hi Ben,

    Wow, it’s been 5 years plus since I posted about your “lipstick” Miata. As you can tell about my reduced posting activity on the Racing Ready blog, I’m not doing much in the way of autocross coverage. It’s been about 2 years since I have autocrossed my Karlino. Life has taken a turn in a different direction, for now…

    So, what’s up? Since I’m not active in the sport, for now, not sure how I can help, but ask away anyway…!

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