Streetable Factory Five Racing Challenge Racer

Tony brought his Factory Five Racing Challenge race car to the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R.

He originally bought this as a project that someone else had started & was able to finish it to Challenge car specifications.

Tony says this racing car is a “monster” to drive.  In other words, keep the power constant in corners, or, you’ll lose it!  If you treat it right, the Ford Mustang drivetrain will reward you.

He had originally planned to bring his daughter with him to this event (like I did).  That’s why he has the full windshield in place.  Since she had changed her mind, Tony didn’t have time to set up the much smaller, driver’s side only windscreen.

Racing Ready enjoys seeing this special kind of racer.


Pontiac, No More

On the drive into work, this morning, I heard the sad news of the final, official demise of Pontiac, after 83 years.  Therefore, we have another “orphan” marque to add to the list of Oldsmobile, Plymouth & many others…

I have always liked the performance aspect of Pontiac, especially the Holden-sourced models (the recent GTO, & the same car with 4-doors, the G8).  I always thought their interiors looked stupid, but overall, this brand will be missed.

Racing Ready bids Pontiac adieu – RIP !



Vintage Volvo, Great Speed & Talent Combo

Over the past few months I’ve seen this well cared for & massaged 1971 1800 E model Volvo.  There’s much more to this car than initially meets the eye!

This is the swept back svelte coupe of yore, not the boxy stereotype shape that Volvo purported as safe & efficient for so many years.  And, who knew tail fins were on a comeback in the 70’s…

Steve is the owner of this nice looking, power enhanced Volvo.  I have seen him active in multiple autocross events, being very competitive.  I finally caught up with him at the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R, where he was enjoying fine tuning his hot laps.

Opening the hood surprises you with the modifications & more when Steve explains the thoroughness of the changes & updates.  You wouldn’t know this car had over 200K miles and about 200 WHP!

  • Supercharged to 11PSI, with an air to water intercooler
  • Larger exhaust valves in the revised head
  • low overlap camshaft (good fox” for supercharger applications
  • T5 manual transmission, from a 90’s Ford Mustang GT
  • Limited slip axle
  • Megasquirt programming
  • Kumho v710 tires

Steve has been campaigning this car for quite some time.  He’s been an SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) member since 2004 & done mostly autocrossing since then.  You can see some of that “history” on his car’s windshield.

All of this has been done while caressing this beautiful wooden steering wheel…

Racing Ready is inspired by Steve’s long term commitment to his car.  For many more very good & specific details, please visit Steve’s nicely set up website


Mulsanne’s Corner, Sports Car Racing Resource

I found this well-resourced sports car racing resource, Mulsanne’s Corner.

The Mulsanne Straight refers to a long stretch of the Le Mans course, before it was “chicane-modified” in 1990.  Here are more specific details (that I’ve edited) about the Mulsanne Straight, from Wikipedia:

Le Mans was most famous for its 6 km (3.7mi) long straight, called Ligne Droite des Hunaudières.  As the Hunaudières leads to the village of Mulsanne, it is often called the Mulsanne Straight in English. The Porsche 917 long tail had reached 380 km/h, but after engine size was limited, the top speed dropped until the Group C allowed powerful turbo engines. Speeds on the straight reached over 400 km/h (250 mph) during the late 1980s, and the combination of high speed and high downforce caused tire failures. Due to safety concerns two roughly equally spaced chicanes were consequently added to the straight before the 1990 race to limit the achievable maximum speed.

Mulsanne’s Corner is a serious resource for the more than casual weekend racing enthusiast.  I read into the analysis of the aerodynamic tweaks done on the newest version of the newly dominant Audi R15 race car, which won at its debut at Sebring.  This site goes into details even the serious racing enthusiast would not be aware of.  It makes for very interesting reading!

For a better description of what this site is all about, read this:

Technical analysis of contemporary sports prototype racing cars (Group C, IMSA GTP, WSC, LMP), delving into how they are designed, how they are built, and the functions behind their aesthetics. Contents include technical dossiers of current prototypes as well as GTP and Group C cars of the past, hundreds of photos, articles, and related links.

You couldn’t ask for a more specific description of what this site entails.  I like Mulsanne Mike’s tagline. “It’s marvelous to go so very fast!”

You can also check out the Mulsanne’s Corner Facebook site at:

Racing Ready isn’t aspiring to get to this level, but it’s good to know that such a resource is available.  Essentially, this is to really see how the big boys do it!


Winding Road Driver’s Club

Here’s a program of value that I just found in my monthly Winding Road subscription – it’s their Driver’s Club!  One of the cool things I noticed is that their first event will take place at Harris Hill Road, on Saturday,  June 20th, 2009!  It’s good to see this new track already so well regarded, that it is included in a national list of prestige tracks to experience.

Here’s their lead in teaser…

Winding Road Driver’s Club is an affordable new way to enjoy sporting cars. The club gives its members access to exclusive driving events, coaching, great tracks, inside information, special cars and more.

I have to say I’m tempted . . . here’s more.  These are just some of their benefits (more & specific details are at the Driver’s Club website):

Track Driver Coaching

You may want to go faster or you may simply be interested in a new challenge. You may want to do both. In a trackside setting, you’ll participate in structured exercises and receive personal coaching on key driving skills. Our coaching method is aimed at giving you the driving tools you need, not just on telling you what to do. And the club’s approach is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace.

Ongoing Support

To help you enjoy driving off the track, the club will provide you with an individualized learning plan. We’ll also provide tips and insights via the club newsletter and through tele-briefings.

Safe Roads Academy™ for New Drivers

The biggest challenge for new drivers in your family is gaining experience. The club will offer hands-on training in car control and safe-driving practices for licensed drivers ages 16-18. We’ll have fun, but most of all we’ll actually experience and take responsibility for the challenges of car control.

Trackside Events

At road courses around the country, the club holds exclusive half-day and full day learning events. Driving your own car, you’ll learn a variety of car safety and control techniques. We’ll get out on these tracks for touring and to practice what we’ve learned. And, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in some entertaining events to win points and prizes.

The Great Tracks™

Several times each year, the club will host a trackside event at one of the great tracks. We’re talking tracks like Sebring, Laguna Seca, Road America, and Watkins Glen.

Here’s part of what will make this doable for many people & why I’m tempted:

Dues for the club are $249 per year. This gives you access to the club’s website, a subscription to the club newsletter, access to briefings and the ability to sign up for events. Most events have a fee associated with them, generally ranging from $100 to $500.

Racing Ready wants in!


2000 BMW M Roadster For Sale

Here is another autocross-capable car for sale.  This was at the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4.  It’s a 2000 BMW M Roadster, in Estoril Blue (another pretty blue car!).  This car belongs to Harold who is a big time BMW marque fan & owner.

Here are the details on the car:

  • Estoril blue with blue and black leather interior – it has 100k miles
  • TCKline top adjustable coilovers with TCKline rear shock mounts
  • BMW factory alluminum pedals
  • Ichiban shift knob

  • Clear turn signals and markers
  • Blackout front grill
  • limo tint
  • mini Sebring antenna
  • billet oil cap
  • magnetic stone guards
  • stock set of Roadstars (original to this model) with fairly new 225 front and 245 rear tires.

Harold will also include the following:

  • an aluminum thermostat housing with gasket($35 value)
  • a Spal electric fan to replace the mechanical clutch fan($75 value)
  • a Stewart water pump (msrp $195)

He had brought this car out to autocross in the past and says it handles great!

Harold is now asking $13,000 for this fun 2-seater.  You can e-mail Harold at:, or phone him at: #210-508-0659 (leave a message).

Harold is very active in the Strictly European Autosport club.  He is also coordinating & will be facilitating a great HPDE event at Harris Hill Road, on May 23, 2009.  It’s titled the SEA Track Attack.

Racing Ready is advertising this (& other cars for sale) as an auto enthusiast community service.


Audi R8 – Debuts H2R Laps At Speed

I think I finally witnessed sex on wheels!  I saw a 2009 Audi R8 in the flesh.  This is a cool looking car, and according to Jack, it’s a wonder to drive at speed.

I saw this new Audi biding its time parked in a corner of the Harris Hill Road paddock, while others were taking their wheeled steeds out for hot laps on the track.  This was at the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R on April 5th, 2009.

I asked the owner, Justin, why his beautiful vehicle was only at rest.  He explained that he had just bought the car a few weeks ago & he was still under the 1500 miles of the break-in period.  Observe the odometer, below…

Well, later on, Jack was able to take Justin’s car out on some midday parade laps, with Justin as a passenger.  As you may recall, Jack is the Porsche Cayman pilot who gave my daughter her first track experience at speed.  Jack was explaining that they took a few leisure parade laps, when Justin said to go for it on the last parade lap.  He said it was such a quiet, collected car, that he was easily going 20 to 30MPH faster in the Audi than at the same points on the track in his Cayman – WOW!

How could you NOT be comfortable in this cockpit!

Justin said he lost 87Hp going from his previous ride, an AMG Mercedes ML63.  But he’s not at all sorry – this car is much lighter & much, much more fun…and just SO much better!

Racing Ready really enjoys a new car’s debut at speed… 🙂