Anime Kart Racing Inspiration – Capeta

I found this some time ago & thought it would be a different & interesting to post.

Please note that this is an English-subtitled anime video about youth karting.  It follows the theme of strong willed trying vs. easy money indifference.  It’s a long video, over 23 minutes, but entertaining & informing – the best part is within the first 8 minutes!  You may want to turn the volume down, a bit…

Here’s the link!

Capeta is a sports manga and anime about kart racing by Masahito Soda.  Taira Kapeita is a 10-year old boy whose single-parent father, Taira Shigeo, works for a paving company.  Realizing that his young son has an interest in racing cars (particularly Formula 1), Shigeo asks the circuit steward as to whether he is able to take some old worn-down parts out of the circuit’s trash pile.  Taking these back to his workplace, he manages to construct a rundown yet (barely!) driveable kart.  Shigeo’s boss, Mr. Ikari, (initially begrudgingly) supplies a generator engine to power the kart.

With this background we see an inexperienced karter in a pitiful 4-stroke powered kart push an experienced karter in a 2-stroke race bred machine to the limit.  It’s a classic will/spirit vs. money experience…

It is also VERY interesting to watch the difference in “racing lines” around each corner, between the 2 young drivers’ styles!  That was MY take-away…

Racing Ready looks to ANY sort of media to illustrate good racing technique.


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