Is A Miata Worth The Wait?

It’s a forgone conclusion that I’m trying to get into a Mazda Miata…hopefully sometime later this year.

I guess you could say it all started at last year’s Pearsall Solo II Divisional event.  It was there I met Jerry, who has become my autocross mentor.  He also happens to drive a 1991 Mazda Miata, in both autocross competition and as his daily driver.  During most of the 2008 autocross season (last year) I was an autocross observer & blogger.

I thought I’d try autocrossing my daily driver, a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE.  After competing in 2 events last year, I realized it wouldn’t be worth putting (more like throwing away!) more money into what I nicknamed my ‘Big White Whale‘.  So I’m back into observer/blogger mode.

But thanks to Jerry, last Fall I DID autocross a Miata – Jerry’s.  I was very impressed on at least 2 accounts, that I was able to fit my stocky 6’2″ frame inside & the fun “get up & go” performance of this 18+ year old roadster!

Last fall I was able to get a start on my Miata library, with the purchase of a used, but good condition Mazda Miata 1.8: Enthusiast’s Shop Manual, a very well-prepared inside look at fixing it all.  Then, a few weeks ago for my birthday I bought myself 2 additional good books, “Miata Universe“& “Find It. Fix It. Trick It.” both purchased from Moss Motors, a leading retailer in the Mazda Miata aftermarket community (among other marques).

I’ve almost completed my first couple of months in a better job and slowly getting the family budget financially adjusted.  I’m debating whether I can get used to a smaller, 2-seater roadster as my daily driver, in place of my current “BWW“…  But by all accounts that I’ve been reading, it will become easy to be hooked!

Racing Ready anticipates the future – hence this post about deferred gratification.


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4 thoughts on “Is A Miata Worth The Wait?”

  1. Unless you are buying a new model, larger Miata, keep the nice cushy BWW for DD duties. An older Miata makes a fun weekend, autox, track car but gets cramped and tiring for DD

  2. Hmmm……
    I think everyone in the local SSM/SM2 class uses their ‘old’ miata as a daily driver.

    (don’t let the bazillion people who DD Miatae know that it gets cramped and tiring!)

  3. Miatas are great little cars. I bought my 91 first to be a track/autocross toy, but ended up using it as a DD until it got a roll cage… now I want another for top down fun.
    Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find a good deal. I talked to a couple Spec Miata racers yesterday that have sub $2000 DD miatas. They both found them in local classified ads. Take your time, but have cash ready for when you find it: they get snapped up quick!

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