Porschephile Enjoys His, Both 924 & Carrera 4S

By this, I mean both methods of propulsion – front AND rear engined…

Andrew, who I met at the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2, & again yesterday, at the S2KCA HPDE @ H2R, has a couple of nice Porsche examples of vintage iron.

At the SPOKES autocross he brought his 1982 Porsche 924 that is a project car of his – but he wasn’t shy in competing with it, while in a state of project flux.  This is Andrew’s second year autocrossing.

This car is in very good condition for a 27 year old vehicle AND Andrew was pushing it competitively!  Can’t wait to see it after the paint & bodywork…

Unfortunately, the age of certain parts causes them to fail at the most inopportune moments.  So, Andrew had to use duct tape to repair the failed mirror.  It served its purpose!

Here’s the “go center” of this vintage Porsche 924…an inline 4 cylinder.

Back in the ’80’s, a 14 inch wheel was actually sporty, competitive size – not today!

At H2R, Andrew brought his 1997 Porsche Carrera 4S.  He says it’s completely stock.  He was even running the stock tire air pressures (46 front/44 rear) & still looking fine.

This Porsche, at 12 years old, also was in VERY good condition, with only 50K miles.

I’m sure having the 4 wheel drive inspire confidence behind the wheel, at speed.

Racing Ready enjoys seeing the variety of model ownership & is inspired, too!


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