Virgin White, Clean 1992 Miata In Autocross

I saw a wonderful thing & an inspiration of ownership possibilities.  At the 2009 SPOKES AutoX #2, I witnessed a clean, almost virgin-like, completely stock, white 1992 Mazda Miata.

Peter (who has also autocrossed his 2008 Bullitt Mustang with SASCA) found this relatively low mileage (98K miles), pristine condition Miata online at AutoTrader.  I just checked & NO, there are no great deals like that, there now.  It was located in Eagle Pass, Texas (just a few hours away) and he bought it for only $3K.  What a deal, but even better, what a well-maintained car!

The mission of this car is for Peter to continue to enjoy autocrossing, but not at the expense of putting competition miles on his future collector Mustang.  It is a limited edition model & he wants it to retain its value.  With his “new” Miata, he can enjoy the sport with a vehicle that is made for it.  To prepare this clean example of Miata for autocross, Peter simply bought a new set of 4 Bridgestone Potenza 195/60-14 tires & changed the oil.

All the the parts of the interior that usually show normal wear & tear were in tip top condition.  I’m sorry now that I didn’t get an interior shot.  But, just look at the “like new ” condition of everything under the hood – this is the best, most clean Miata engine bay of this vintage I have ever seen!

The only minor issue is that the left front fender had been replaced & repainted some time ago.  It didn’t quite match, but you had to look twice to really notice.  Not a big deal, if you ask me!

Peter had a good time.  His challenge, at this event, was to find the right balance of tire pressures, front & rear, to optimize this enjoyable little roadster’s handling.  From what I could tell, according to Peter & his buddies, it’s still a work in progress.

So, as I mentioned above, the recent purchase of this car provided me with the hope of good condition Miata available for me at the right price, tentatively later this year!  So Peter, when you’re ready to move onto you next automotive conquest later this year, consider making me an offer!

Racing Ready is imagining this event forward in my life.


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