Intregra vs. Wheel – The Flying Racer Survives

I met the Flying Integra!

I learned about this car from Rene & Adriana at the S2KCA HPDE Event @ H2R on April 5th, 2009.  This former 1993 Acura Integra was a 2 time participant of 24 of LeMons series.  At the 24 event this past March, this car briefly became airborne, from running over a rolling tire on the track.  Jason Hart, the Integra driver at the time, was able to keep the car going & got back on the track.  He’s since been visiting the chiropractor, I’m told…

Here’s the video footage!

Apparently, this car has a history of not dying.  They have entered it in 2 of these 24 Hours of LeMons events, & it was still running at both finishes.  Rene proudly told me that they plan to trailer this car to a REAL 24 hour long LeMons event, later this year at Mid-Ohio (October 3-4, 2009).  It is called THE LAMEST DAY 2009.

The Saturday night before this H2R event, they spent many hours fixing the car, again.  They did what they could to get this car fully running again, after its flight.  Sam, one of the drivers at this S2KCA event, said there was a crease along the underbody, where the tire had impacted it.

Another area of “aesthetic” design (and a good place to rest their beers), was the rear wing or airfoil.  If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually a section of a truck running board!

Adriana, Rene’s girlfriend, provided me with this link, Gallery of 24 Hours of LeMons, February ’09, of static photos of that event.

Another area of interest is the permanently strapped passenger.  The  first 24 Hours of LeMons event that they participated in last year had a pirate theme.  So they gave the Captain (the car driver) a “parrot” as his faithful companion…

This 24 Hours of LeMons series is a goofy, but fun & challenging outlet for the amateur racing enthusiast who doesn’t take him/herself too seriously.  Racing Ready knows we all need to chill out, every once in a while.


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  1. Was Jason drinking Red Bull? …this is not the Flugtag! BTW Rene, thanks for letting me know you went to the S2K event!

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