Racing Vizualization – Why It’s Important!

From time to time I receive the Racing Secrets Newsletter via e-mail.

Although the focus of the articles seems to be directed toward stock car & drag racing, there are still some good nuggets of wisdom.  In those e-mails there is a section titled DRIVING TIPS: (Ask Tami).  Here is letter from a reader that she included in a recent newsletter…

From: A reporter for Men’s Health Magazine

Dear Tami…

Why is visualization and imagery emphasized in auto racing so much?

Dear Reporter:

Visualization and imagery allow racers to think about and anticipate the race before it starts. It is impossible to practice driving every scenario, so visualization allows a person to prepare and get more practice. By visualizing driving scenarios, a person is actually developing brain pathways that can help the driver during the actual race.

To better illustrate this, here’s an interesting article about LeMans driver Elton Julian: Think Fast – Race Car Driver Elton Julian.  It’s about how thinking like a an auto racer can help you in life.  It’s in the Men’s Health Magazine the July/August 2005 issue.

Racing Ready has already discussed the importance of visualization in racing.  It helps in other aspects of your life, too.  See my references to MasterDrive with Ronn Langford about experiential learning.  Ronn is a racing coach authority!


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