Burger Cruise Night @ Biff’s

Yesterday, for change of pace some of the SASCA club members & I visited a different venue.

This was a local “cruise night” at a renowned burger joint, Biff Buzby’s Burgers.  Every Friday, starting about 6PM, people & their cars show up.  The lot is about full before 7:30PM.  All sorts of show & go iron can be seen, ranging from a sweet ’34 Ford Tudor to a few recent model Dodge Vipers, with all sorts of variety in between.   It’s very informal, people just hanging out, walking around & so on.  People started to leave after 9:30PM.

So, here’s a variety of shots of what was there…in no particular order.

Besides vintage, there were newer vehicles, from one extreme to the other.

And there were vehicles that’s didn’t look streetable…but were…ouch!

There was more here that I didn’t take pix of – just wanted to tease you a bit. 😉

Racing Ready would like to own something that’s worthy of showing here, someday…


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