Easter 2009 Autocross – SASCA Event#4

Like many local autocross enthusiasts, I didn’t attend today’s SASCA event #4.

Diane, the Miata 10AE autocrosser, took this nice shot I cropped to place here – thanks miatagirl!  Unfortunately, her Miata was under the weather (a small electrical fire due to the post cat O2 sensor lead laying on the cat and the coil) … Diane will be back, soon.

The day dawned wet & cold (call me a wuss!).  Besides, I had church & family obligations to consider.  I finally got home by 2:30pm.  I suppose I could have gone at that time to catch the last hour or so, but I didn’t.  I will have to visit online to see how well it was attended & what transpired there.  I heard there were 2 cars “taken out”, but I don’t know the details…

Here’s the course layout, by Jay.  It looked like fun for the 45 entries that showed up!

Racing Ready is trying to balance home life & wannabe racer life…


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3 thoughts on “Easter 2009 Autocross – SASCA Event#4”

  1. It was cold, windy and rainy before 8am. After that it turned out to be a perfect day.

    The course only had a couple puddles for the first heat, not really an issue.

    Jay’s design was fun as usual. There was a tight squeeze at the far end then it progressively opened up. Fun!

  2. The course was still fairly slick for the first runs of the first heat, but once it dried out it was fun – and fast! I was tagging the rev limiter at the top of second gear at the lights, which is 76mph in a C5 Z06.

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