Miata 10AE & BMW M3, Hail Damage Bargains?

A couple of weeks ago a sudden hail storm came through Austin, Texas.  It caught 2 of my autocross buddies by surprise & did extensive cosmetic damage to their well-regarded autocross steeds.

Chris has an 1999 10th Anniversary Edition Mazda Miata that had been very well prepared.  It caused me to drool whenever I saw it (Another 10th Anniversary Miata In Autocross).  Desire for that car is an understatement.  In the last couple of months Chris had it for sale & was asking about $10K for it.  When I saw him last weekend at the H2R S2KCA HPDE, he was getting ready to talk to the insurance company for auto insurance comparison.  He was thinking about a $4K figure if they were going to total it & he was going to buy it back from them.  Here are the latest details in an e-mail from Chris (lots of details of the modifications it has):

E-mailed: Tue, March 31, 2009 9:04 pm

My ’99 10AE Miata was unfortunately hit pretty hard in last Wednesday’s hail storm, even though it was under a car cover at the time.   Below is my outdated, pre-hail ad:


The glass is fine, and the convertible top looks fine as well, but every metal body panel got dinged.    The hood and trunk are so bad that they would probably be cheaper to replace than attempt PDR.  I don’t know what to expect w/ the insurance adjusters and repair estimate, but I’m hoping it gets totaled.    Either way, I’m putting a feeler out to see if anyone who doesn’t care so much about cosmetics might be interested in it as a cheap track or auto-x car.   It has a lot of nearly new parts on it, since I just bought it around last September.  I can’t sell until at least 4/8 (the date of my appt. w/ the ins. adjuster), but want to start gauging interest so I can determine if I should return it to stock condition for insurance or if someone here might be interested.   I’ll reduce my old asking price commensurate w/ the cost to repair it, or it will be brought back to better than previous condition if not totaled.

This car is set up more for DE’s than auto-x, but it has done pretty well at its 2 autocrosses, esp. considering the header and swaybar brace mount are the only things that bump it to CSP.    I also have a set of auto-x revalved Bilsteins w/ Tein S-Tech springs and brand new FCM 36/46mm bumpstops that were to be installed yesterday – but I ended up getting a leftover ’08 Miata GT yesterday to replace it – the current rebates were just too good to pass up.    🙂    Once the 10AE is gone, I may also have a set of TR Motorsports 15*7.5″ wheels w/ RA1’s and other misc. parts available as well.


Rick, the SPOKES club President had his 1995 BMW M3 daily driver caught in that same hailstorm.  By the end of last week he had already spoken to the insurance company.  They had declared it totaled, & he had already bought it back from them.  Rick is debating finding replacement panels or outright selling it.  Here are his latest car & possible selling details…

E-mailed: Fri, April 10, 2009 8:57 am

Ok folks, my ’95 Hellrot M3 was totaled out by the insurance company courtesy of the hail storm here in Austin.  I bought it back and I’m now looking for a Hellrot hood, trunk, and sunroof panel to replace the damaged components.  Looking for red only, if I wanted to paint them I’d just buy new panels.  Carbon fiber and/or fiberglass would work too.  If you have any please shoot me an email at forsale@typeischeap.com.


Of course, fixing and keeping the car is not my only option and I’d consider letting go of the car for the right price.  Here are the latest pictures I have from back in December (thanks Dan!):


The car has 108,000 miles, I’m the third owner, and it has been meticulously maintained since new.  Car runs and handles great, only issue is the ABS light and I have a spare ABS pump.  I’ve had the car for three years.  Every panel has at least one or two dings from the hail with the hood, roof, and trunk being the worst.  No lowballers please, I’ll just keep the car in that case.  Mod list:

BBS RK wheels 17×8
Falken Azenis RT-615
Clear front, side, and rear turn signals
UUC Rear LTW replica wing
UUC Ultimate Short Shift Kit
Pioneer DEH-5100UB CD/MP3 Player
MB Quartz Tweeters, Mid-Range Speakers with Crossover system.
UUC Clutch Stop
Conforti (JC) Performance Chip
Conforti (JC) Cold Air Intake w/ K&N Filter
Mason Engineering Front Strut Brace
Supersprint Exhaust with DTM tips
Koni SA Sport Shocks
H&R Sport Springs
Stainless Steel brake lines
UUC Tranny Mounts
Upgraded E46 rear shock mounts
UUC Swaybarbarian Sway Bar Set

Thanks for reading.  Let me know if you have any body panels for sale or just can’t live without this car.  🙂


Updated hail damage + pictures here !

Racing Ready is sad to see wonderful autocross cars like this become damaged, but these could be future autocross opportunities for others…maybe…


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