Harris Hill Road (H2R) Upcoming Events

I’ve written a number of posts here, about events & goings on at Harris Hill Road/H2R.  Here’s their latest newsletter contents – lock, stock & barrel.

We wanted to drop a quick line and let y’all know about some upcoming events at the track.

A quick rundown:

-The Drivers Edge (4/18-4/19)
-FAASST Driving School (5/9)
-Jason Hart Racing School (6/5)
-H2R HPDE (6/6)
-H2R Teen Driving Experience (6/13)

The Drivers Edge (4/18-4/19)
Rick and his crew will be coming to see us for a two-day affair. It’s a ‘solo only’ event. So if you’ve driven with TDE before and been signed off, you can come. Same with any friends. There are still a few slots left. For more info on TDE and the event, visit http://www.thedriversedge.net/

FAASST Driving School (5/9)
We’re happy to announce that FAASST will be paying us a visit in early May. They’re a nationwide outfit that does HPDEs (with a lot of wheel time), schooling, and competition licensing (we’re working on this part of things). So if you’ve got a friend who wants some serious time out at H2R, this might be a great opportunity for them. For more on FAASST and to reserve a spot, visit http://www.faasst.com/

For some testimonials about what FAASST can do for you, check out this page: http://www.faasst.com/testimonials.html

Jason Hart Racing School (6/5)
This is Jason’s second school at H2R, and we’re thrilled to have him back with us again. According to Jason, the goal of the school will be, “A corner by corner analysis of the H2R track, explaining the pros and cons of the various lines that can be scribed around the track. For those with data, there will be opportunities to discuss and analyze what is captured throughout the day. The objective of the course will be for all attendees to learn how to be better, safer drivers and ultimately lower their lap times.” The day-long school is $300 per driver. For more on Jason Hart Racing, and to reserve your slot, visit http://www.jasonhartracing.com/

H2R HPDE (6/6)
This is the first in a new series of HPDEs at H2R that will be organized ‘in-house’. Join our member/instructors to get in on smaller run groups, more run time, and superb in and out-of-car instruction. This course is appropriate for beginners (including those with no previous track experience) and intermediate drivers. For more info feel free to e-mail us. Cost is $175 per driver. To register and check the requirements, head on over to Club Registration and sign up.


H2R Teen Driving Experience (6/13)
Our first installment of H2R’s Teen Driving Experience. Teen driver education is woefully inadequate to prepare a new driver for the actual hazards of every day urban and suburban driving. We’re taking things to the next level by teaching kids in their own cars and ours. They’ll learn all kinds of helpful tips about how to prepare their car for their daily drive, as well as exercises that will teach accident avoidance, inclement weather driving, car control, and more. The idea is to introduce teens to what these situations feel like in their own cars, so they have the tools necessary to avoid accidents altogether. For more information or questions, please e-mail us or call us. Registration will be through Club Registration (http://www.clubregistration.net/) and will open sometime in early May.

Thanks for reading and happy motoring!

-The H2R Team

In addition, the guys at StrictlyEA.com will be sponsoring a HPDE event at H2R on Saturday, May 23, 2009.  Here’s more specific information.  Harold is putting this all together & it’ll be a great event.  I am planning to attend (as blogger & ride-along guy) & you should come out to visit, too.  You won’t be sorry!

It’s very good to see this new track and amateur racing enterprise getting more activities for the racing public to enjoy.  Racing Ready is proud to be involved in promoting their cause(s)!


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