Upcoming SPOKES AutoX #4 for 2009

Here is the paraphrased announcement from SPOKES President Rick:

This coming Sunday, April 19th, will be the second SPOKES autocross at San Marcos Municipal Airport!  This will be their 4th autocross this year.

Vivek Goel will be the course designer for this event so it’s sure to be a fun course.  Louie Martinez will be out all day cooking burgers and selling “combo meals” including a burger, chips, and a drink for only six bucks ($6)!  He even promised to grill up a few chicken breasts for those of you skeered of beef!

And in related news…the port-o-jon will be much closer to the paddock this time!  I’ve updated the site layout and directions and added a “15MPH ZONE STARTS HERE!” warning.  That’s right, 15mph at all times once you enter the airport property!  We’re going to be very strict on this rule, please spread the word!

We’re a ways off the entry cap so I’m going to open up the event to Double entries on Friday morning.  Only caveat is that all D-class entrants must stay after the event and help clean up the lot.  Yes, brooms, dustpans, and garbage cans will be involved!  If you leave without fulfilling you’re cleanup duties you will not be able to double-enter again.

This link is the actual, annotated map:

Racing Ready is pleased to announce this upcoming autocross, courtesy of SPOKES!


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