Choice 1994 Mazda Miata in Laguna Blue

At the 2009 SASCA AutoX #3, Joe brought his 1994 Laguna Blue Mazda Miata.  As I “pre-shop” for my ideal Miata model, this would be at the top of my favorites list!

Joe’s car is in good condition with 110K miles on the odometer.  It has traveled from the New York & Washington, D.C area through to Florida, and now Texas.  Joe picked up this car in Florida for a reasonable $3400.  Unfortunately, spending some driving time in those other parts of the country have caused just a bit of rust.  It’s minor, but the cockpit is in fine shape.

As far as performance, the car is stock except for new Falken Azenis tires.

Joe did have to have the cooling system completely replaced some time ago; it was done to stock specifications.

Joe has been autocrossing for some time.  He was at the Pearsall Divisional event last June (2008).  That was the first autocross I attended since over 15 years ago.  I don’t recall if I even saw Joe’s car there – so I looked through my pictures taken at that event.  I found his car, parked right next to my mentor Jerry’s 1991 1990 Miata (thanks Jerry!).  Here’s the Miata group shot I found:

I have also seem him at SPOKES autocross events, so Joe does autocross around, pretty seriously, in fact…

For additional fun, Joe participates in road driving events with the Bluebonnet Miata Club.

So, here’s another “drooler” of a Miata NA (1st generation, but with the 1.8 L engine) circa 1994. Racing Ready is biding time  – our Miata time will come.


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5 thoughts on “Choice 1994 Mazda Miata in Laguna Blue”

  1. That’s the only color for a miata! Pass up anything else… (c; I’ll get back with you soon…been VERY busy! I mean like crazy busy! You need to see mine with the hard top now…I love it.

  2. Hey Dan – small correction – mine’s a ’90 – not that much different from a ’91, other than the dreaded short nose crankshaft that I’ve already had the pleasure of dealing with! 😉

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