Variety Autocross At SPOKES Event #4

Today’s event drew 132 registered autocross participants.  SPOKES organized it to run in 3 consecutive heats of 5 runs each.  Even with all those cars, the event was over by about 3:30pm.  The course was challenging, varied & fun.  As always clicks images for full size!

The reason I titled this post as a “Variety Autocross” was there were many different vehicles, including at least 20 Mazda Miatas – that makes just over 15% representation of the total.  It made for some fun, oneupmanship competitions within the variety of classes that Miatas run in.

Of course, there were many other cars, including some I hadn’t ever seen out at any regional autocross.  As a teaser of some future, upcoming posts, there were the following:

  • a later 60’s Chevy Camero
  • a 2006 Dodge Charger Hemi
  • a Volkswagen R32 AWD (it sounded like a muscle car!)
  • a couple of autocross capable cars for sale
  • 3 different Formula SAE student engineered race cars
  • … and even a Dune Buggy!

In addition, the Confederate Air Force opened up its hanger doors to show off their collection of vintage (WWII &later) fighter planes, a jet & a bomber – I think about 12 flying machines.  They were awesome to behold!  More later…

After this event, I drove just a couple of miles over to Harris Hill Road / H2R and watched the last few runs of the second of a 2 day The Driver’s Edge event.  I met the owner of this HPDE (high performance drivers education) school & will post more about this separately.

Also on site was a trailer with racing replacement supplies, along with a temporary tire & brakes “garage” from Performance SpeedTech.  I will also post about what I learned about that enterprise in some detail, in a later post.

It was a busy & fulfilling day full of activity & a lot of information to bring down to this blog to share with you.  Racing Ready is all about sharing what amateur racing information is out there & any related first hand experiences.  You can count on more!


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