Audi R8 – Debuts H2R Laps At Speed

I think I finally witnessed sex on wheels!  I saw a 2009 Audi R8 in the flesh.  This is a cool looking car, and according to Jack, it’s a wonder to drive at speed.

I saw this new Audi biding its time parked in a corner of the Harris Hill Road paddock, while others were taking their wheeled steeds out for hot laps on the track.  This was at the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R on April 5th, 2009.

I asked the owner, Justin, why his beautiful vehicle was only at rest.  He explained that he had just bought the car a few weeks ago & he was still under the 1500 miles of the break-in period.  Observe the odometer, below…

Well, later on, Jack was able to take Justin’s car out on some midday parade laps, with Justin as a passenger.  As you may recall, Jack is the Porsche Cayman pilot who gave my daughter her first track experience at speed.  Jack was explaining that they took a few leisure parade laps, when Justin said to go for it on the last parade lap.  He said it was such a quiet, collected car, that he was easily going 20 to 30MPH faster in the Audi than at the same points on the track in his Cayman – WOW!

How could you NOT be comfortable in this cockpit!

Justin said he lost 87Hp going from his previous ride, an AMG Mercedes ML63.  But he’s not at all sorry – this car is much lighter & much, much more fun…and just SO much better!

Racing Ready really enjoys a new car’s debut at speed… 🙂


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