Winding Road Driver’s Club

Here’s a program of value that I just found in my monthly Winding Road subscription – it’s their Driver’s Club!  One of the cool things I noticed is that their first event will take place at Harris Hill Road, on Saturday,  June 20th, 2009!  It’s good to see this new track already so well regarded, that it is included in a national list of prestige tracks to experience.

Here’s their lead in teaser…

Winding Road Driver’s Club is an affordable new way to enjoy sporting cars. The club gives its members access to exclusive driving events, coaching, great tracks, inside information, special cars and more.

I have to say I’m tempted . . . here’s more.  These are just some of their benefits (more & specific details are at the Driver’s Club website):

Track Driver Coaching

You may want to go faster or you may simply be interested in a new challenge. You may want to do both. In a trackside setting, you’ll participate in structured exercises and receive personal coaching on key driving skills. Our coaching method is aimed at giving you the driving tools you need, not just on telling you what to do. And the club’s approach is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace.

Ongoing Support

To help you enjoy driving off the track, the club will provide you with an individualized learning plan. We’ll also provide tips and insights via the club newsletter and through tele-briefings.

Safe Roads Academy™ for New Drivers

The biggest challenge for new drivers in your family is gaining experience. The club will offer hands-on training in car control and safe-driving practices for licensed drivers ages 16-18. We’ll have fun, but most of all we’ll actually experience and take responsibility for the challenges of car control.

Trackside Events

At road courses around the country, the club holds exclusive half-day and full day learning events. Driving your own car, you’ll learn a variety of car safety and control techniques. We’ll get out on these tracks for touring and to practice what we’ve learned. And, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in some entertaining events to win points and prizes.

The Great Tracks™

Several times each year, the club will host a trackside event at one of the great tracks. We’re talking tracks like Sebring, Laguna Seca, Road America, and Watkins Glen.

Here’s part of what will make this doable for many people & why I’m tempted:

Dues for the club are $249 per year. This gives you access to the club’s website, a subscription to the club newsletter, access to briefings and the ability to sign up for events. Most events have a fee associated with them, generally ranging from $100 to $500.

Racing Ready wants in!


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