Vintage Volvo, Great Speed & Talent Combo

Over the past few months I’ve seen this well cared for & massaged 1971 1800 E model Volvo.  There’s much more to this car than initially meets the eye!

This is the swept back svelte coupe of yore, not the boxy stereotype shape that Volvo purported as safe & efficient for so many years.  And, who knew tail fins were on a comeback in the 70’s…

Steve is the owner of this nice looking, power enhanced Volvo.  I have seen him active in multiple autocross events, being very competitive.  I finally caught up with him at the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R, where he was enjoying fine tuning his hot laps.

Opening the hood surprises you with the modifications & more when Steve explains the thoroughness of the changes & updates.  You wouldn’t know this car had over 200K miles and about 200 WHP!

  • Supercharged to 11PSI, with an air to water intercooler
  • Larger exhaust valves in the revised head
  • low overlap camshaft (good fox” for supercharger applications
  • T5 manual transmission, from a 90’s Ford Mustang GT
  • Limited slip axle
  • Megasquirt programming
  • Kumho v710 tires

Steve has been campaigning this car for quite some time.  He’s been an SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) member since 2004 & done mostly autocrossing since then.  You can see some of that “history” on his car’s windshield.

All of this has been done while caressing this beautiful wooden steering wheel…

Racing Ready is inspired by Steve’s long term commitment to his car.  For many more very good & specific details, please visit Steve’s nicely set up website


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