Streetable Factory Five Racing Challenge Racer

Tony brought his Factory Five Racing Challenge race car to the recent S2KCA HPDE event at H2R.

He originally bought this as a project that someone else had started & was able to finish it to Challenge car specifications.

Tony says this racing car is a “monster” to drive.  In other words, keep the power constant in corners, or, you’ll lose it!  If you treat it right, the Ford Mustang drivetrain will reward you.

He had originally planned to bring his daughter with him to this event (like I did).  That’s why he has the full windshield in place.  Since she had changed her mind, Tony didn’t have time to set up the much smaller, driver’s side only windscreen.

Racing Ready enjoys seeing this special kind of racer.


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One thought on “Streetable Factory Five Racing Challenge Racer”

  1. Tony has a very nice car, can’t wait to see him racing with us at NASA. He is also blessed with a daughter that shares his enthusiasm for the sport (and is pretty decent at it I might add). That’s worth a lot!

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