Games2U – A New Mobile Gaming Experience

Gamers, armchair warriors, and couch racers take note – Games2U is now available to bring the electronic gaming experience to YOUR home or corporate event!

Last night our house was the site of a friend’s son’s 8th birthday party.  We had arranged for a one hour session with the Games2U outfit & it was a hit!  It was not only enjoyed by the party-going 8 year-olds, but some of my daughter’s college age friends & neighbors coming home from work.  If you are familiar with the concept of moths attracted to a light bulb, this was the human equivalent.

This has little association with going from a wannabe racer to a successful racing competitor, unless part of your training regimen is with racing simulation video flash games.  Personally, I’m not a gamer at all.  But I had fun watching the kids (& kids at heart).  That is why I am presenting (& recommending) this to you here.

I enjoyed talking to the owner, Mike Moody.  Another tie-in to this blog is that he has had his Porsche Cayenne out on the Harris Hill Road track at speed, playing “cat & mouse” with track owner Bo Rivers.  He’s also been involved in IMSA & Indy Lights Racing.  Mike’s other company, The Mx3 Group, is in the automotive promotion events planning business.  We exchanged business cards & may do some future co-promotions.

In addition to his Mercedes Turbo Diesel Van (which gets up to 25 MPG), Mike can also bring the Outdoor Laser Tag Experience.  Even in the direct sun, the range of these laser pistols is up to 550 feet!  We didn’t get to experience that as this was only a 1 hour long party.  Mike promotes this activity with parties that are 2 or more hours in length.

Mike only started the paperwork for this business less than 2 months ago.  The van was only about a week old since he got it retrofitted with all the gaming gear inside, installed in Dallas, Texas.  Check out more details at the Games2U website.  If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area, you can call Mike at #210-545-GAME (4263).

Racing Ready does enjoy gaming experiences & recommends you check out Games2U !


P.S. – I’d like to thank my wife, Isabel, for all the pix (I’m actually in some)…

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