Road Toad Dune/Street Buggy Does Autocross

At the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4, there was a notable stand out of a car, or rather, a vehicle.  It was the project buggy that Rick & his son had just completed, after 3 years of work.  They brought it out as part of a sort of shake down run for this project.  In fact, there were only 100 miles on it.

The frame/cage/chassis was purchased as a knock down kit & the pieces were welded together.  This buggy is fully street legal & licensed.  Since there are no body panels, Rick had to zip tie some side cardboard pieces to be able to ID his buggy number & class with painters tape.

There are still some final touches to go.  Although the color theme is currently gloss black & chrome, the lime green Road Toad logo on the engine cover is a hint of other enhancements to come.  Rick informed me that he will install a green canvas top for shade & wind buffeting protection.

The engine & chassis pieces come from a 1973 Volkswagen donor “Bug”.  The engine is completely stock and Rick says it gets 32 MPG.  And hold on, this buggy “screams” around with 60HP!

Rick & his son have enjoyed this project – it was an enjoyable learning experience.

Racing Ready has said it before:
The family that races (& does projects) together, stays & plays together.


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2 thoughts on “Road Toad Dune/Street Buggy Does Autocross”

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