May/June Regional Autocross Events Updates

For all you autocrossers in the San Antonio (SASCA) / Austin (SPOKES), South/Central Texas Region, there have been some event & date changes you’ll want to be aware of…

I attended the SASCA monthly club meeting this past Wednesday.  It was decided to cancel the May 17th, 2009 autocross, as SPOKES had already booked their May autocross on the same date.  Therefore, there will be 2 (!) SASCA autocrosses next month: June 7th & June 28th.

Now, there is the Houston SCCA Divisional on June 20-21.  SPOKES has the same Junes 7 & 21 autocross dates as SASCA – hmmm, that could change…  Apparently, this is a challenging time of year to schedule events.  There was also discussion of SASCA possibly doing a “divisional style” autocross.  We shall see.  Stay tuned for the latest at both the SASCA & SPOKES sites.

The next SPOKES autocross on May 17th will (unfortunately) be the last one to take place at the San Marcos Municipal Airport (SMA).  The club did nothing wrong to cause this.  It was the concern the SMA folks had in controlling live private planes taxiing near the autocross course – SMA does not have a control tower (yet) to better coordinate things.  That may change in the future as well as having SPOKES back there – it is a great place to conduct an autocross!

To make this last SPOKES SMA event even more worthwhile, the folks at Harris Hill Road /H2R will have an After Party for the SPOKES autocrossers.  Rick, President of SPOKES, explained this as follows:

Hey folks,

I told a couple of you about this today so wanted to spread the word so everyone knows.  Eric and Bo over at H2R have graciously extended an invitation out to Spokes to have a post-event party over at the track after our next event.  If you don’t know, H2R is just down the street from San Marcos Airport so after everyone has helped out after our event packing up the trailer and sweeping up debris we’ll be heading over there for some more fun!  Very cool!

Obviously this is a great thing for both clubs so we hope to see everyone there!  Check out the news release from H2R for more details:

Spokes Afterparty (Sunday, May 17, 4-6ish pm)

Come join the Spokes AutoX Club ( for their post-event party over at our place. Meet the autocrossers, check out their rides, and take them for some thrill rides out on course.

We’re giving out rides from 4-5pm, and then doing some lead/follows (Spokes folks) from 5-6pm. We’ll have a few beverages available (sodas, beer, wine) at 6pm to wind down and close up shop.

The 4-5pm session is free to members. Sign up online to make sure you’ve got a slot if you want to give thrill rides.

Much to digest here.  Don’t complain that there’s a lack of competitive activity!

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