Good Racing Competition Burgers

At the recent SPOKES 2009 Autocross #4, going hungry was not a problem.

Louie, the father of SPOKES President Rick, brought a massive gas grill with all the fixin’s.  For only $6.00 you got a burger, your choice chips, a cold soda & a good variety of veggies & condiments to accompany your burger.  The buns were even toasted – how awesome is that!

At this coming Sunday’s SPOKES autocross event (which is unfortunately the last one to take place at the San Marcos Municipal Airport), Rick’s dad will once again be there to provide tasteful sustenance! You’ll enjoy it if you can make it.  Also, don’t forget about the Harris Hill Road After Party – about 4pm-ish!

Racing Ready supports ALL amateur racing activities, to include eating


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