Performance SpeedTech, Keeping You on Track

Performance SpeedTech provides a very useful service to The Drivers Edge events.  At the recent The Drivers Edge high speed driving awareness school at H2R, their trailer was noticeably present on one side of the Harris Hill Road parking lot.  At first I wasn’t sure if this was the trappings of a super prepared student driver participant, or what.  So, I asked.  I ended up speaking with AJ Peterson, the Manager of Performance SpeedTech.

Performance SpeedTech provides a variety of services & other items, mostly responding to break/fix situations, to get the student’s vehicle back on the track in a timely manner, not specifically as a pro-active purchase outlet.

  • Hoosier tires, properly mounted & balanced
  • Performance Friction Brakes, with pads & rotors
  • Motor oil & other vital fluids for your performance car
  • Arai helmets
  • Cool shirts (they actually cool you under your racing suit!)
  • Race shoes
  • A variety of colors of racer’s tape
  • …and other items & services

Performance SpeedTech makes available these services at each of The Drivers Edge events, every month there is one.  They also are the resident on site pro shop at MotorSport Ranch, near Cresson, TX (just southeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex).

AJ is the Performance SpeedTech Sales Manager.  He has an extensive racing support background, working as a lead mechanic in the Trams_Am series.  He also specializes in Moton and JRZ shocks, as well as Stack Data Acquisition.  Here’s his PST business card.  Go ahead & give him a call if you want to take your competion car to the next level.

AJ explained that at these events, people don’t come by the trailer to simply buy stuff.   They are there for triage.  Their service is to respond to situations which decommission a car’s proper use, such as replacing a destroyed tire or spent brake rotors & pads.  Later they get referral jobs & follow-up business from drivers to better tune & balance their cars for the next high speed event, at their race shop.

Their mobile operation is quite complete.  They get things done properly that are absolutely needed by the weekend racing learner.  During the week they also tweak race car setups & alignment analysis.

Racing Ready wants to hook up a cooperative agreement with the likes of racing performance companies like Performance SpeedTech.  It is something I would like to work toward.


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