Strictly European Autosport Track Attack

Today was the Strictly European Autosport Track Attack @ H2R (Harris Hill Road).

Like all HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) events, this one was well attended & well run.  Harold, a very active member of the Strictly European Autosport club coordinated & facilitated this event.  There were drivers & cars driven (or trailered) from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin & all points in between.

There was a good variety of cars participating, and not all were “strictly European”.  All the drivers I spoke to were very friendly & honestly interested in Racing Ready.  I think I may have established the basis for some good future alliances.

Be sure to click on these images to enlarge - lots of details!

I found some unique cars & associated stories that I will be documenting here for your learning & enjoyment.  I came across some interesting people & car histories.  Continue to come back here & read more…

One thing different about today’s event was the weather.  In the mid afternoon a heavy rainstorm passed through with very nearby lightening.  Some of the guys went out on track right as the rain changed to a lighter drizzle, many changing to street (grooved, not slick) tires.  Some wanted to see how their car handled in the wet – the consensus?  It was not exactly a fun challenge to experiment with.

As is usual, the folks at Harris Hill Road were wonderful hosts for this event.  In addition, the lunch that was part of the event was catered by Milt’s Pit BBQ – a wonderful South/Central Texas plate of brisket, sausage, potato salad & beans, with refreshing ice tea.

Racing Ready is hungry for more of these kinds of events…


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