Fun Corvette Takes Hot Laps at H2R – Part 1

Jeff is a tried & true Corvette enthusiast.  I met him & his car at the SEA Track Attack event at H2R.  I was introduced to him by fellow SASCA member, Bob, the Lister Replica owner I’ve written up here.  That red Corvette that Bob was campaigning on this day was originally owned by Jeff.

Bob so missed the power of the car that he sold to Bob, that he later purchased this 2004 C5 model Corvette that he brought with him to run hot laps at H2R.

Kevin has only upgraded a few items on his Corvette:

  • the shifter
  • higher performance aftermarket brake rotors & pads
  • but the engine & the remaining drivetrain are stock

This car is part of limited edition run, #572 out of 2025 built.  The series is – Commemorative 24 Heures Du Mans 2 GTS Wins.

Jeff enjoyed his morning laps.  Since he had Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, the wet laps were actually challenging fun, as well.

Jeff appreciates the availability of the Harris Hill Road track & its high caliber, smooth surface.

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