Racing Ready – One Year Old, Already!

Here’s just a quickie post announcement!

Today mark the 1 year anniversary of starting my Racing Ready blog.  It’s been an interesting journey, thus far.  I’ve learned a lot, but it just proves the axiom:

The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know…

See the Racing Ready Manifesto for details!

One area I’m currently working on is to improve the ability to purchase products on my blog site.  Many may not realize that I offer some amateur racing products for sale.  If you’re not aware of that, well, that’s my fault.  I have to work on that – I feel there are some products that would be of value and could be of good use for some of my audience.

For now, if you’re curious or in need, visit these pages to satisfy:

Also remember, Father’s Day is coming soon!  Might be some good gift ideas here…

Racing Ready thanks you for your visits, your time & curiosity.


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