The Anithesis of Autosports – A “Green” Car

On my way to the Harris Hill Road track, as one exits the highway onto the access road, there is this huge “planter” at the edge of the road, promoting the greening of our planet.  I love plants and non-pollution as much as the next guy, but this object serves a purpose greater than that of a planter – to make a statement.

This automobile object formerly served life as a General Motors sedan, maybe of the Pontiac variety, circa 1980-90 or so, from what I recall…

If you want to recycle your no longer functioning car – this is certainly an option… The rope lights seem counter productive to saving energy, though.

Racing Ready simple observes the absurd, at times making thinly veiled judgments.


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2 thoughts on “The Anithesis of Autosports – A “Green” Car”

  1. That car is somewhat infamous in San Marcos. It has a history of being attempted to be removed. At one time, I think the City itself actually got involved. I can’t remember all the details, but it’s definitely a local ‘landmark’ at this point in time.


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